Natalia (Pirozhkova) Fomicheva
UX/UI designer
I'm a UX/UI designer who firmly believes that design is first and foremost about solving problems. Thanks to my user-centered approach and e-business background, I am able to design elegant solutions that suit their target audience. My experience designing for various screens (desktop, tablet, and mobile) is also an asset, which helps me understand the features and limits of each platform. A team player, I value work environments where honest feedback and diversity are encouraged. I'm living and working out of Saint Petersburg (Russia), and am open to freelance and/or relocation.

Work experience
Product (UX/UI) designer
2019 to present

— Gather and evaluate user requirements using thorough understanding of the end-to-end customer experience and the functionality of Aero OpCos existing UX across all platforms.
— Plan, conduct, and document user research to gain insights and enhance the user experience.
— Translate concepts and map workflows, user paths, create high level storyboards, wireframes, design mockups, and write UI specifications to support development across multiple applications and platforms that maximize the user experience across all platforms
— Effectively communicate insights and outcomes with stakeholders; participate in working groups and/or meetings with application stakeholders to discuss user requirements and/or present wireframes and mockups
— Build out multiple versions for potential solutions and use A/B testing to iterate towards the ideal customer experience
— Maintain an awareness of current trends and best practices in technology design and usability.
— Control UI design process.

UX/UI Designer,
Visual designer
2018 - 2019

TGK-1: I designed the user account interface for individuals, legal entities and administration and also the UX and UI on the TGK-1 website. I designed it for desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of devices, as well as a version for visually impaired users.
TGK-1 is one of Russia's largest thermal power companies, which is a subsidiary of Gazprom. It unites 53 power plants, providing heat to about 1,200,000 buildings in 4 regions of Russia.

IS ETO: I created task flows, wireframes, and final designs, and worked with front-end developers to fine-tune designs
IS ETO - is a system designed for heat power companies to store, retrieve, and process information.

IT Service: I designed a website that includes illustrations.
IT Service - is a company that provides a full range of services in the development and implementation of software for complex solutions for automating the management of business processes of enterprises of all sectors of the economy.
UX/UI Designer,
Graphic Designer

Luxxy: I was a project designer there, and I designed a mobile application, site improvements, networking elements, and managed photoshoots; collaborated with marketing to develop a new brand strategy. Later I trained and supervised two new employees: a photographer and an illustrator. While I worked on this project, the number of users increased by 160% (from 500 to 1300 per month)
Luxxy is a trading platform where people can safely buy and sell gently used and new clothes, footwear, and accessories of premium brand names.

My own projects:

Travel mobile app - an application that contains the most interesting routes around the city of Samara, where aside from official information, the app displays important facts about each point on the route that only local residents know about

Calorie converter app - an app where people can track and burn extra calories.

UX/UI Designer,
Graphic designer
UI/UX design for mobile apps. Designed User Interfaces for iPhone, iPad, and Android apps
Developed multiple app promotional websites and integrated apps with various web APIS
Develop UX/UI documentation (site outlines, process flows, sketches, scenarios, wireframes, navigation models) for web, mobile, and tablet applications
Create functional documentation for software developers to implement user interface changes

Graphic designer. Active in all levels of the creative process including managing a wide variety of print and web projects. Created illustrations, infographics and advertising materials.
Graphic designer/Illustrator
at Drugoy Gorod online magazine
Active in all levels of the creative process including managing a wide variety of print and web projects. Created illustrations, infographics and advertising materials.

Designed identity and branding guideline for the Samara branch of ROSNANO (Нанотехнологический центр Самарской области) and TV portal (ТВ портал). Designed identity and infographics for Tom Sawyer Festival.
Freelance designer
Illustrations, logo design and Identity design. Infographics and print materials design.
Graphic designer
at Momentum Print Samara printing office
Vector and raster graphics. Illustrations from scratch and references. Physical and digital artwork. Print materials such as: ad layouts, banners, business cards etc.
I have developed an array of skills within the adobe suite, as well as the ability to conceptualize for visual design and brand recognition. I look to grow as a designer through experience with brand development and freelance contracts.
Udacity, User Experience Nanodegree Program
Design for those who care. A fundamental course on Inclusive Design and Inclusive Transformation Framework (ITF) by Konstantin Kichinsky // Microsoft Corporation
Adobe Education Exchange
online, The UX and UI Design and Prototyping course
Design course from Artem Gorbunov studio
Art of Abstraction course
with Oksana Stogova
Online Art class
with Roman Guro
Visual branding practice case studies course with Ivan Bogdanov
Znak art school
Professional skills
— An ability to find practical solutions to problems;
— The ability to manage my time, meet deadlines and work within a budget;
— Team work and a customer focused mentality with ability to multi-task;
— An understanding of current trends and styles
— Excellent communication skills;
— Creativity and imagination;
— Drawing skills;
— Excellent organisational skills.

— Figma
— Sketch
— Adobe XD
— Adobe Illustrator
— Adobe Photoshop
— Invision, Marvel
About myself
A UX / UI designer with experience in e-commerce, and degrees in civil engineering and economics. My education and 9 years of experience in the field of economics allow me to better understand the financial tasks and the technical parts of creating products. My love of drawing paired with my sense of user-oriented design made me look at how products are used and what users most appreciate in interfaces. I like to find improvements to create the best user interface in both physical and digital spaces.
All photo and video materials belong to their owners and are used for demonstration purposes only. Please do not use them in commercial projects.
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